Hello there! We are Kim + Kelley, the sisters, beauties and brains behind this operation. Kim is the older of the two of us, a wife and mom, and killer photographer. She prides herself on being raw and honest in her personal life and then translating that into their work. 

Kelley is seven years younger, but she brings the drive to our business. She is the second shooter at weddings but the first motivator. She has always been a go-getter, a chaser of dreams, and a bar setter for expectations. She is a wife to a rockstar drummer, and she skates in our local roller derby (so badass, right?). She truly lives life in the moment and brings that spontaneity to every shoot.

We both love to help our clients find their edge and make them feel beautiful. And this year? We’re serving more people than ever and stepping up our game.

You see, for the past six years, we’ve viewed this business as a bonus. Photography was something we enjoyed doing and it’s a service that other people seemed to want from us. But somewhere along the way, we became professionals. The more we shot, the better we got. We gained confidence with each shoot and felt an insatiable desire to keep growing. Photography transformed itself from a hobby into a passion. We found ourselves up late at night editing or searching for the perfect poses for couples on our phones when we had a million other things to be doing. 

This year is the year that we no longer view this business as a bonus. This business is an extension of us. It’s representative of our dreams, our passion, and the love we have to give. To view it as anything else would be a disservice. We can’t wait to show you what we’re working with.